Have you thought, what we call overthinking may often be underthinking. Underthinking, finding oneself engaging in obsessive, repetitive, non-productive thoughts, not even accurately acknowledging what the real bother is. Overthinking, is more the combining of distortions that are not yet fully analysed.

The Brain Named Itself contains cases to challenge your thoughts regardless. Regardless of the moment in your life. Why? Because moments are adaptable.

‘I don’t understand why it hurts when you bite your tongue accidentally, and it doesn’t hurt when you bite it on purpose. I also don’t understand why you are biting your tongue right now.’           

 – My Grandmother



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ANRT is a Business Psychologist with a focus on people transformation. No longer excited by systematic constructs, he deciphers his artistic take into creating moments

Working in the Global HQ for Adidas in addition to the European HQ for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, were magical experiences for the author. As such, an inspirational change in thinking was uncovered and two degrees later, one presents his method to connect the dots.

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